Dr. Mark Osterloh is passionate about helping people obtain needed
medical care. He was author and chairman of the Healthy Arizona
Initiative that expanded healthcare access to over 300,000 people
at or below the federal poverty level and secured funding using
tobacco company lawsuit settlement proceeds. He was lead
author of Arizona’s Clean Elections campaign finance reform law
and a co-author of that state’s law establishing an independent
redistricting commission.

For over fifteen years Dr. Osterloh has studied the effects of
Borderline Personality Disorder to find a way to engage the public
in recognizing and understanding this devastating mental illness.

Dr. Osterloh took a personal interest in this mental illness because so
few people are aware of the condition and if they have heard of
it, they would be at a loss to explain what it is. Though he is neither
a psychologist nor a psychiatrist, but a retired ophthalmologist
(caring for eyes), he  brings to this project broad experiences including
being a licensed attorney, pharmacist, and physician. He took courses
in psychology and psychiatry in college and medical school, and spent
time seeing psychiatric patients.

The psychological community has failed to adequately increase the
public’s awareness of this deadly disease. They have also failed to give
this condition an understandable name. The biggest problem with this
mental illness is that the name gives no clue as to what are the signs and
symptoms of the disease. Dr. Osterloh believes renaming this condition
Faultfinding Personality Disorder would be a monumental first step. He
supports the reasoning behind this proposal in his book.

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