-Hitler had Borderline Personality Disorder

Robert G. L. Waite wrote an extensive psychological
biography, The Psychopathic God Adolf Hitler. His book was
published in 1977, which was three years before the American
Psychiatric Association officially recognized borderline personality
disorder as a mental illness. Prior to 1980 these patients were
generally given the unofficial diagnosis of “borderline personality,”
which is the phrase used by Waite. He called Hitler a “psychopath”
and a “borderline personality.” Waite then concentrated on the
borderline personality diagnosis to explain Hitler’s actions.

In the 1983 book Hitler’s Psychopathology, Dr. Norbert Bromberg &
Verna Small stated that Hitler had borderline personality disorder
and narcissistic personality disorder. If people meet the criteria,
they can be diagnosed with more than one personality disorder.

Both authors agreed that Hitler had borderline personality disorder
and this mental illness gives the best comprehensive explanation for
his actions.

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