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The purpose of this website is to pointedly suggest that BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER (BPD) is the best explanation for understanding Donald Trump’s behavior. You have likely heard that Trump has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. No argument. It is important to understand that a person can have more than one personality disorder if they meet the criteria of each.

The two traits that best distinguish Borderline Personality Disorder from other mental illnesses are:

1.  Relationship problems (due to chronically finding faults in themselves and others)
2.  Anger

Both of these traits define Donald Trump. Relationship problems — has anyone been able to count the number of people he has offended? Anger by the buckets full.

I wrote Faultfinders: The Impact of Borderline Personality Disorder to make the disease understandable using famous sufferers such as Adolf Hitler, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe and Mao Zedong. I include Donald Trump as possibly having BPD because he appears to display 8 of the 9 criteria for the diagnosis when only 5 are needed. You can read about this by clicking the TRUMP button above. The book also makes the recommendation that a better name for this condition is Faultfinding Personality Disorder because chronic faultfinding is the most important sign for diagnosing this mental illness.

I welcome insightful comments from psychology professionals, historians, individuals with the condition or those having to deal with them, and people worried about what Donald Trump is doing to our country and planet.

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