-How Trump does confession

Donald Trump is constantly going to confession but he doesn’t know it. What do I mean by that? I mean PROJECTION. Projection is the psychology term to describe accusing others of having objectionable qualities and impulses the accuser actually possesses. It is an immature self-defense mechanism where individuals deny they have certain offensive traits and emotionally try to get rid of them by projecting them (or shifting blame) onto others. It is like a movie theater where pictures are projected onto a blank white screen. Projection is commonly seen in Narcissistic Personality Disorder (which many people believe Trump has) and Borderline Personality Disorder (which I and some others believe he also suffers from).

Understanding how projection works is valuable in understanding the thought processes of these psychologically disturbed individuals. Simply listening to what reprehensible qualities they accuse others of having tells you what they perceive as problems with their own personalities. It is akin to going to confession in the Catholic Church to get rid of ones sins. The difference is that going to confession is a conscious decision while projection is an unconscious action.

An example of projection would be someone who cheats on his wife and is dishonest accusing an innocent person of being a philanderer and liar. Some examples of Trump’s projections are: calling Ted Cruz “lyin’ Ted Cruz” while Trump is a pathologic liar, calling Mrs. Clinton “Crooked Hillary” while his business dealings are rife with fraud and failure to pay contractors, and calling women “fat pigs” while he has trouble controlling his weight. The Atlantic Magazine summed up this trait in Trump in their July 14, 2018 article “The Projection President.”

Simply stated, if you want to know what Donald Trump down deep believes are his own faults, listen to what accusations he is leveling against others. Boy, does he have a lot to confess!

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