-We have all the information we need to diagnose Donald Trump

Psychiatrists and psychologists are saying they cannot make psychological diagnoses of Donald Trump because they have not personally examined him. This is a false statement. Psychological diagnoses are not made using blood tests, x-rays, stethoscopes, or biopsies. Professionals make diagnoses by observing behavior and hearing what people have to say or refuse to say. They are subjective, not objective. There is more publicly available information about Trump’s behavior, writings, statements, and questions he refuses to answer than can be found for most any other living person. This is far more information than any psychiatrist could ever accumulate, even after examining a patient in their office for years.

We have all the information needed to make sound presumptive psychological diagnoses of Donald Trump. The psychology community needs to stop hiding behind the outdated Goldwater Rule and step up to the plate to explain what is wrong with Trump’s mind. Trump has rattled swords with North Korea and Iran – threatening a war of all wars inferring nuclear Armageddon. Come on psychology professionals, grow spines, and speak out!

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