-Why does Donald Trump believe he does not have to live by the same rules as other people?

There is a name for this thought pattern in psychology. It is called feelings of ENTITLEMENT. Individuals with this thinking feel the world and everyone in it are there to serve them. It can also be expressed by the statement “It’s all about me.”

People with this entitlement mentality put themselves first and place unreasonable demands on others to meet their needs. They can never have enough. They live by a double-standard where they can break the rules but others cannot. Bullying to get what they want is common. These individuals love to tell others how superior they are and they covet adoration. Wallowing in self-pity if things do not go their way is typical.

Do these traits remind you of Donald Trump?

This thought process is most associated with two mental illnesses, narcissistic personality disorder and the more dangerous Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) (also called emotionally unstable personality disorder). It seems most everyone agrees Trump suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. Sadly, few are considering the possibility that he also suffers from BPD because the condition is so poorly understood and it has a totally nondescriptive name.

Two traits distinguish BPD from the other personality disorders – pervasive anger and chronically finding faults in others leading to recurrent relationship problems.

Again, do these attributes remind you of Donald Trump?

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